Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. I’m Carey Hardin, founder of Apis Modern Marketing.

Apis is a digital marketing agency based in Culloden, West Virginia.

We help businesses create a powerful online presence and develop modern marketing strategies that get measurable results.

Our number one goal is to help you grow your business. We put our heart and soul into every project, creating digital assets that make your company look great and stand out. Because we are a marketing company (not just designers) we develop these assets with your business goals in mind, and then we use them to help you achieve those goals.

Your success is our success and that notion guides us every step of the way.

About Carey Hardin

I am a graduate of Marshall University where I studied journalism and political science. In the past 20 years I have put my education to work in many related fields.

I’ve been a writer and copy editor for newspapers and a graphic designer at advertising agencies. For several years I worked for one of West Virginia’s most prominent political consultants, on campaigns of all types and sizes. And as a marketer I honed my skills at West Virginia’s two largest regional restaurant companies.

I simply love what I do. Marketing is my passion. It’s creative and strategic. And it is evolving.

Your customers have changed.

Your customers are a lot different then they were just a few years ago. They research their options on the internet. They look for store locations and phone numbers on Google. They redeem coupons they received in their email. They interact with marketing messages on social media.

Traditional marketing isn’t dead, but digital marketing provides exciting new opportunities. It is highly targetable and highly measurable. It can help your local business compete on the same field with even your largest competitors.

Are you ready to modernize your marketing strategy? Contact me today. Let’s talk about your goals and what Apis can do to help you grow your business – digitally.

P.S. You may be wondering what “Apis” means. It’s a bee thing. I’m a proud West Virginian and the honeybee (Apis Mellifera) is our state insect.

Let's get people buzzing about your business

Our passion is creating strong digital presences for local businesses. Are you ready to modernize your marketing? Get in touch with us. We'd love to talk.