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Kim’s Greenhouse

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Kim’s Greenhouse is a small family-owned business with some unique challenges.

Located on the outskirts of Milton, the greenhouse is a destination. Customers don’t typically just stop in. Likewise, because they’re found off the beaten path, many potential customers don’t know they exist.

We developed a Facebook marketing strategy to help remedy these issues and to work toward more common goals such as repeat business and relationship building.

This is a three part strategy that has worked very well, carried out with planned page posts and targeted ads.

  • Awareness – Our goal of slow, yet quality audience growth has been achieved through sharable posts with eye-catching branded images and careful ad targeting.
  • Sales – Because of the seasonal nature of their business, Kim’s product offerings change frequently. Facebook is an excellent medium for sharing timely information about what is available.
  • Relationship Building – One of the things customers love most about Kim’s is their willingness to help solve their customers’ plant problems. Facebook is a great place for people to ask questions and get answers. We supplement this by posting video tips for a variety of common issues.

Kim’s Greenhouse does not have a website. But they do have a effective Facebook presence that helps them achieve their goals.

“Carey has helped us grow a high-quality Facebook audience and her strategies have increased the reach of our posts. The results for us are new customers and repeat business.”

Kim Jackson

Kim's Greenhouse

Project Features

  • Custom Photography
  • Video Production
  • Targeted Facebook Ads
  • Digital Presence Management
  • Email Marketing (Coming Soon)

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